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Disrupt The Everyday Podcast

Jul 5, 2021


On this episode we are joined by Debbie Nelson as she shares how she chooses joy, even in the bad times. Joy is deeper than happiness it has a root that grows stronger the deeper it gets, it's not always on the surface sometimes its work is unseen until it is needed to be drawn upon, and stirred up. Joy gives contentment in the place you are in! Whatever that place looks like.

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Debbie Nelson is the Pastor of Adult Ministries & Pastoral Care at International Gospel Centre in Kitchener Ontario, which has been her home church for 38 years. She has also ministered as Youth Pastor, and lead Children’s, young adults ministries. Debbie has spoken at conferences, workshops, retreats and highschool. Her audiences are of all different ages and people.

She is a proud mother of 3 adult children.

Her motto for healthy living is Today I Choose Joy! She has discovered that there can be beauty in our brokenness.
Debbie’s passion is to see people of all ages walk in Freedom with God the creator. She welcomes opportunities to share how to find strength in the storms while Choosing Joy!