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Disrupt The Everyday Podcast

Dec 27, 2021


On this episode we are joined by hosts of the "Trail Angels" podcast, Annette and Mark Anderson. Annette and Mark have been married for nearly 40 years and have overcome a lot including the loss of a child. On this episode we cover:

  • Everyone grieves differently
  • Being okay with not being okay
  • Don't search for happiness, make it

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About Annette and Mark

Annette & Mark Anderson are the founders of Cairn the Load and Trail Angels,  online communities dedicated to serving the needs of others and offering hope.
The Anderson's love spending time with their family and enjoy long walks and hikes in the nearby mountains.

For Annette & Mark, gardening is therapy. Working with soil and flowers gives them time to ponder and helps them become grounded in their own lives (pun intended).

Because of their own personal and unique experiences, "Cairn the Load" was created to show others that they are not alone...that someone has been at that same fork in the road before.

A "Cairn" is a trail marker that shows the way for  bewildered and lost travelers. Cairn the Load is about achieving victory in becoming. Victory comes while navigating along life's often precarious trails that we all face in life. Difficult trails requires careful and precise steps. When coupled with properly placed cairns, a journey can lead to one's desired destination.

Annette & Mark's path in life has been filled with cairns....cairns that have been carefully placed before them by Trail Angels that have gone before,  and cairns that they have built themselves, to guide others along their journey.

Mark & Annette have learned to embrace life's adventures, both good and difficult. Experience makes us who we are...unique and precious.