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Disrupt The Everyday Podcast

May 23, 2022


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On this episode we are joined by Jordan Mendoza, founder of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC and host of the Blaze Your Own Trail podcast. On this episode our discussion focuses on getting the most out of your social media presence and specifically:

  • Leveraging your Story

  • Foundations for LinkedIn

  • The Importance of Investing in Yourself and Your Brand

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Follow Jordan on LinkedIn by name and connect on TikTok and IG @jordanjmendoza

About Jordan

Jordan Mendoza is the Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC where he helps entrepreneurs grow their business through strategic marketing, sales & leadership consulting.

In April of 2019 Jordan started creating content on Linkedin and quickly realized the power of the organic reach. By December, he had amassed 20k followers using the strategy he now teaches his clients in his 12 Week Program.

In 2020 alone Jordan's content reached over 3 Million content views and his audience has expanded to 63K plus followers.

Now a full-time trailblazer, Jordan's goal is to help over 1000 entrepreneurs grow their brands to increase their impact and income each year.