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Disrupt The Everyday Podcast

Sep 12, 2022


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On this episode we are joined by James Woodall. James is the Founder and CEO of Woodall Wealth Management and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). On this episode we discuss:

  • Estate Planning

  • Teaching Finance to Your Kids

  • The 6 Key Behaviours of Investing

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About James

James Woodall is the Founder and CEO of Woodall Wealth Management. James’ passion for Wealth Management has always been around, as a child he was fascinated by the stock market in Junior Achievement and had always been drawn to investing. He graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in International Economics and Finance after studying Mechanical Engineering and realizing it wasn’t for him. Moving into the Finance industry he fell in love with Wealth Management and worked with advisors for a decade when he realized his passion for financial planning and becoming an advisor himself. Still dealing with the effects of his Grandfather’s passing and seeing the impact of estate plans going awry, he earned his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification from the CFP® Board, using the Southern Methodist University’s program.

The desire to build a firm focused on planning for generations so that others avoid the family issues that derive from poor estate planning pushed him to open his firm in 2022. When James isn’t working you can find him reading, cooking excessively large meals for family and friends, or slowly learning to golf.

More About James in his words

I started working in the back office of a large financial institution a decade ago focusing clients of all types to help them review their tax forms and review cost basis issues. Initially I was not a fan of the role, however sitting in that seat allowed me to see what worked and what didn't work, from large family offices ($50 million+) to people starting out, and I always kept in mind what they did. Then I moved to supporting advisors and was always stunned at how little some advisors knew, not just from an operational POV, but an investment POV as well. From there I worked in product development supporting advisors and that's when I fell in love with being an advisor. I moved to the advisory side of that large brokerage firm and loved the clients and realized that I wasn't being an advisor, I was being an asset gatherer.

From there I moved to a small Wealth Management shop and worked 16+ hr days and studied for my CFP, learning everything there is to learn. At that point the firm was sold and I moved into being a consultant for advisors at a small broker dealer. The call of being an advisor and building a firm the right way to truly spend time with the clients and their families was too much and I started Woodall Wealth Management.

My focus is on Family Stewards and Family Businesses to help provide them financial peace of mind. The reason why I focus on this niche is when my Grandfather passed there was no estate plan, causing issues within the family that still last to this day. So my mission is to help my clients avoid that from the outset and its been extremely rewarding and fulfilling.